Supply chain management

Supply chain management

Sangetsu CSR Procurement Policy

1. Fair and Equal Treatment

  • (1) Sangetsu shall deal with all business partners on fair and equal terms, whether in Japan or overseas, and engage in honest transactions in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and contracts.

  • (2) Sangetsu shall not abuse its superior position by engaging in transactions that cause undue disadvantage to any business partners , and shall provide fair and equal opportunities for the competition.

  • (3) Sangetsu shall select business partners based on quality, price, delivery, technological capability, proposal capability, supply capability and management stability from a short-, medium- and long-term perspective, and by paying due consideration to the company’s efforts on environmental preservation and respect for the human rights of its employees.

  • (4) Sangetsu’s officers and employees shall not accept benefits or favors when performing duties in relation to procurement or other operations.

2. Observance of Laws, Regulations and Ethics

  • (1) Sangetsu shall comply with relevant laws and regulations when engaging in procurement transactions.

  • (2) Sangetsu shall protect the confidential information of business partners obtained in the course of procurement transactions.

  • (3) Sangetsu shall not engage in procurement transactions that infringe on intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties.

3. Responsibility to Society

  • (1) Sangetsu shall strive to improve quality and ensure the safety of products and services by engaging in sincere dialogue with all business partners based on mutual understanding and trust.

  • (2) Sangetsu shall engage in the selection and purchasing of goods related to its business activities with the aim of realizing a sustainable society by fulfilling its social responsibilities, such as preserving resources and the environment, respecting human rights and ensuring safety, based on CSR procurement (including green procurement). In addition, Sangetsu seeks the cooperation of its business partners under the Sangetsu CSR Guidelines for Business Partners.

Sangetsu CSR Guidelines for Business Partners