ESG management

ESG management

Message from Director in Charge of ESG

Director, Executive Officer in charge of administration and General Manager of the Finance and Accounting Department  Tatsuo Sukekawa

Director, Executive Officer in charge of administration and
General Manager of the Finance and Accounting Department
Tatsuo Sukekawa

Aiming to be a company that employees can be proud of and that is respected by society

Having established the Sangetsu Group CSR Basic Policy, Sangetsu undertakes activities for realizing a sustainable society together with its stakeholders. This entails identifying materialities regarding ESG challenges aligned with its long-term vision, under its sustainability promotion system centered on its ESG Committee overseeing ESG initiatives across the entire Company.
In terms of the environment, we have been addressing growing needs for environmental conservation in the construction industry. This has involved developing environmentally-sound products aligned with societal needs and working with our suppliers to reduce GHG emissions throughout the supply chain, while also balancing such concerns with procurement and manufacturing costs. In addition, we set up our Sample Book Recycling Center last year, among other initiatives in this regard. Most of our used sample books have thus far been disposed of as industrial waste, with a mere 10% of them currently being recovered. However, in the future we intend to recycle more of our sample books after customers have finished using them. This will involve collecting such books from customers, separating out different elements of the books, and having a recycling specialist handle the task of recycling those materials into formats that include recycled PVC, recycled pulp, and cement materials. Going forward, we will take the lead with respect to actively engaging in activities that prompt such efforts across the entire industry.
In terms of society, we have been lending our support to renovating orphanages, which serves as an initiative befitting of our company.
Our Board of Directors intensively engages in various discussions regarding management encompassing such activities. Employees making their utmost efforts while interacting with residents of local communities also raises employees’ motivation.
Moreover, active participation of diverse human resources is essential in Sangetsu’s business in which abundant sensibilities in the form of “design” is crucial. Sangetsu is working to create an environment where women can work comfortably and is enhancing systems while supporting women who take on the challenge of becoming executives and managers.
Outside Directors proactively make recommendations from expert viewpoints and Sangetsu believes that its governance functions at an extremely high level in terms of the effectiveness of the Board of Directors.
With the aim of being a company that its employees can be proud of and that is respected by society in the future as well, Sangetsu will firmly ascertain its reason of being and work to further permeate ESG within the Group.

Sangetsu Group’s Basic CSR Policy

A company is a public entity acting within society that seeks to earn profit through sound business activities and offer returns to support vigorous development and society as a whole. With this understanding, the Sangetsu Group works to enrich living environments and contribute to society by providing products and services of value.
We will uphold the following five principles as it pursues its business activities regardless of location: demonstrating respect for basic human rights; complying with the letter and spirit of all laws, regulations and international rules; and taking action to realize sustainable development on its own initiative, guided by its social conscience.

1. To Remain a Trusted Company

We will enhance the brand value of the Sangetsu Group and earn customer satisfaction and trust by developing and providing creative, high-quality designs, for comfortable and rich living spaces, and products and services, with due consideration for safety and the protection of personal information and customer data.

2. To Fulfill our Corporate Social Responsibility

We will communicate with various constituencies in society, including customers, business partners, shareholders and investors, residents of local communities, and employees, and disclose corporate information in an appropriate and fair manner. Also, we will engage in activities that benefit society as an upstanding corporate citizen.
Furthermore, we will comply with laws, regulations and other rules, engage in fair, transparent and free competition, conduct business appropriately, and maintain sound and normal relations with political representatives and governments. At the same time, we will avoid any involvement with antisocial forces or groups that pose a threat to the order, safety or security of civil society.

3. To Provide a Lively Workplace for Employees

We will respect the diversity, personality and individuality of employees. Also, we will properly manage a personnel system that allows each employee to demonstrate their abilities and play a lead role in corporate management while securing a safe, healthy and pleasant working environment.

4. To Protect the Global Environment

We will be proactive and lead the way with the awareness that efforts to address global environmental issues constitute an essential element of the existence and activities of any company.

5. To Earn Society’s Trust and Support

Our top management will lead by example, fully aware of its responsibility to realize the spirit of this charter and ensure that it is thoroughly understood company-wide. It will also constantly monitor feedback from both inside and outside the company to establish an effective corporate system and ensure thorough compliance.
In the event of a violation of this charter, the executive manager will demonstrate personal responsibility in the eyes of the company and the public for taking the initiative in resolving issues and will endeavor to determine their cause and prevent recurrence. The executive manager will also fulfill the duties of promptly disclosing accurate information to the public and of accountability, clarifying the authority and responsibility with regard to the issue, while implementing rigorous measures including those related to the executive office.

CSR Management System

In order to fulfill our corporate social responsibility, in April 2016 Sangetsu established a new CSR Promotion Section, and in April 2017 a CSR Committee was established to oversee CSR activity across the entire Company, with the Company President acting as Committee Chairperson.
Effective from November 2021, the CSR Promotion Section and CSR Committee have been renamed as the ESG Promotion Section and ESG Committee for the purpose of making it clear that they serve as units engaged in overall ESG promotion.
Recognizing the need to respond appropriately to the various international guidelines relating to ESG, subcommittees
which undertake practical ESG management and implement measures aim at addressing social issues.