Shosuke Yasuda Representative Director, President and CEO Sangetsu Corporation

Aiming to Realize Economic and Social Value Enlisting Future-oriented Growth Strategies to Continue Serving as a Company Needed by Society

I would first like to express my profound condolences to those who have lost loved ones to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infections and my best wishes for a speedy recovery to those who have fallen ill. I would also like to say a heartfelt thank you to medical professionals and others working at the front lines to prevent the spread of this pandemic.

Sangetsu’s history extends back to 1849 during the Kaei era of Japan’s Edo period when it started out under the name Sangetsudo serving as a scroll and screen mounter (hyogushi) that would install sliding screens (fusuma), folding screens (byobu) and sliding panels (shoji). It was incorporated in 1953 as Sangetsudo Shoten Co., Ltd. and embarked on business handling wallcoverings in 1956 ahead of its competitors. Since then, we have achieved growth amid developments in Japanese interior design, while addressing changes aligned with the times. In that regard, Sangetsu’s roots have been successively passed down through to the present day in the form of its perpetually firm determination to improve interiors in Japan and its frontier spirit in terms of taking on new challenges.

In today’s world, we have been encountering mounting uncertainties when it comes to our business environment. The worldwide proliferation of the COVID-19 virus and effects of the prolonged nature of the pandemic have given rise to accelerating changes in social structures and values, while also once again bringing problems to the fore particularly with respect to political and economic turmoil as well as the wealth and information gap. Meanwhile, enterprises across the board have been finding the significance of their existence being fundamentally called into question. For instance, businesses have been grappling with how best to address social challenges within such a business environment and examining whether or not it will be possible for them to sustainably achieve growth.
As such, we have been seeking opportunities to achieve growth, thereby reaching above and beyond the notion of addressing such challenges to be overcome. To such ends, we have drawn up our corporate vision in the form of the Long-term Vision of Sangetsu Group 【 DESIGN 2030 】, as follows.

Sangetsu Group Looking Toward Becoming a Space Creation Company

We define “Space Creation Company” as a company that not only sells and proposes interior products but also arranges interior spaces that address customer needs, drawing on more extensively multi-faceted and sophisticated capabilities extending from procurement to product development, proposals, delivery and installation. We accordingly aim to provide higher value to all of our stakeholders by modifying our business model in terms of accordingly transforming from a company that has been selling physical products thus far to one that proposes and realizes “experiences” through space design. Moreover, as a member of our local communities we seek to provide social value as well as economic value and accordingly aim to achieve the following objectives taking into account the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as adopted by the United Nations.

Social Values Sangetsu Group Aims to Realize Sangetsu Group aims to contribute to the realization of a society that is: ・Inclusive An equal and healthy inclusive society ・Sustainable A sustainable society that protects the global environment ・Enjoyable A more affluent and enjoyable society

We will embrace three elements of sustainability, inclusivity and enjoyment with respect to social value: “Sustainable” in terms of aiming to realize a sustainable society; “Inclusive” in terms of aiming to create an inclusive society not only in Japan but throughout the world, and; “Enjoyable” in terms of aiming to realize a richer society filled with joy by sharing the “joy of design” with all of our stakeholders. The Sangetsu Group will continue engaging in its future-oriented growth strategies and otherwise strive to expand and improve the value it provides through design, underpinned by its “The Joy of Design” brand statement. I greatly appreciate your ongoing support in this regard going forward.

Shosuke Yasuda
President and CEO
Sangetsu Corporation