Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Sangetsu’s corporate philosophy consists of: Company Creed, representing the timeless and unchanging spirit of Sangetsu since its founding; the Corporate Mission; and our Brand Concept.

Company Creed


Realizing what people expect with Sincerity is the starting point of our business. Sincerity is
everlasting and unchanging Sangetsu original spirit.

Corporate Mission

To contribute to society through interior design and
strive to create a daily culture of enrichment.

Brand Concept

Brand Statement

Joy of Design

Brand Purpose

We provide the joy of design to those
who create new spaces

We share the joy of design with those who create new spaces.
The joy of ful lling your dream at home.

The joy of envisioning and realizing unconventional commercial
spaces and facilities.

In our role of bringing that joy, we ourselves must contemplate
the nature of design.

The design that we pursue encompasses not only the design of
objects, such as the aesthetics and functions of the products
themselves, but the design of spaces that set the context for
the thinking and activities of people within those spaces.
With these two design perspectives, we will continue to propose
creating spaces that include a total design for the interior.
Furthermore, in our efforts to realize such designs, we will value
our collaboration with outside partners in addition to expanding
the foundation of our business and making our operations
more sophisticated.

Sangetsu, together with the creators, users and others related to
interior products, will share the joy of creating new value.