CEO commitment

CEO commitment

Helping to Realize a Sustainable Society

We are currently facing various social issues, beginning not least with climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid this environment, global movement toward sustainability is developing and expanding, and companies are now seeing that participating in constructing a sustainable society by incorporating the ideas of sustainability into business operations is essential not only to secure the trust of stakeholders but also for business continuity.

In terms of social movements, the Paris Agreement was adopted at the COP21 international conference in 2015. As part of that agreement, concrete medium- to long-term targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions have been established. Furthermore, in October 2020, the Government of Japan declared that by 2050, it aims to achieve a society that is both carbon-neutral and decarbonized. I feel that it is necessary for local communities, businesses, and the world as a whole to work together based on these guidelines to realize a sustainable society.

In terms of specific initiatives, Sangetsu on a non-consolidated basis has set a target of “achieving carbon neutrality by FY2030,” and we are considering setting targets to reduce environmental impact for the entire Sangetsu Group and for Scope 3 emissions.

Last year, we identified our materialities that are linked to the Sangetsu Group’s Long-term Vision 【 DESIGN 2030 】 and efforts for SDGs. Furthermore, we have set targets and KPIs that can allow us to organize our efforts to achieve consistent results while keeping track of our progress and are promoting this materiality-based management.

On the environmental front, we place importance not only on reducing GHG emissions and resources at offices and warehouses during our business activities, but also on the following three points in particular. The first is to reduce GHG emissions, energy, and wood waste emitted from production plants. The second is to collect and recycle sample books.
The third is to collect products actually installed in buildings.

On the social front, we are focusing on providing support for the renovation of child welfare facilities using our products, and promoting gender diversity. Child welfare facilities sometimes have difficulty in providing comfortable interior spaces due to tight budget. We believe that interior refurbishment support, whereby we use our products to create comfortable spaces for children, is a unique Sangetsu activity in which employees can proactively participate while utilizing the Company’s main business.
On the other hand, we believe that promoting the active participation of diverse human resources is an indispensable initiative from the perspective of Sangetsu’s business format of proposing of interior design. Many women already play active roles in various workplaces at Sangetsu. I believe that changing to a more attractive workplace where everyone can utilize their individuality and deploy their strengths regardless of gender will enable a better and stronger company.

Amid these rapid changes we are experiencing regarding the environment and society, we believe that the further richness of spaces as a whole and the richness of “experiences,” including lifestyles operating within those spaces and spiritual and cultural elements, are exactly what is needed instead of the abundance of “products.” As the core of our business activities is the creation of various spaces for people to live in and spend their lives, we recognize that the value we provide to society and the responsibilities we should fulfill will become even greater.
The entire Sangetsu Group, including our overseas companies, will continue to address the materialities and collaborate with suppliers to contribute to the realization of a society that is “Inclusive, Sustainable and Enjoyable.”

Sangetsu Corporation
President, CEO
Shosuke Yasuda