CEO commitment

CEO commitment

Aiming to Realize a Sustainable Society

In recent years, various social issues have been emerging caused by regional, economic, and social disparities and ideological differences. While issues such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, human rights violations, and poverty are becoming more severe, with no time to spare to respond to these issues, we need to clarify what role we ourselves should play in society and take more concrete actions.
The Sangetsu Group advocates efforts that contribute to realizing an “Inclusive,” “Sustainable,” and “Enjoyable” society as social values to realize in its Long-term Vision [DESIGN 2030]. Although “Sustainability” is at the core of such efforts and an initiative indispensable to foster future growth, the Long-term Vision first and foremost advocates “Inclusion. ” The basic concept of the SDGs and an extremely important belief of the Sangetsu Group is the principle to “Leave No One Behind.” Also, under the concept of “Enjoy,” we have added perspectives of the potential, amusement, and joy you would expect of our Group, which is involved in creating various spaces, and we position these three items as a base for our initiatives in creating social value.

As initiatives for realizing social values over the long term, we are executing policies based on our corporate responsibilities and roles from the three perspectives of E (Environment), S (Society), and G (Governance).
In terms of the environment, viewing the three issues of climate change, resource recycling, and biodiversity as materiality, we focus on the topics of carbon neutrality, circular economy, and activities to protect the earth and nature in our business activities.
With regards to social initiatives, in line with enhancing human resources, we are promoting initiatives that allow employees to work with a sense of satisfaction. Such initiatives include consideration for employee health, creation of workplaces where employees can work with peace of mind, proactive promotion of female employees to managerial positions, and support for working mothers. In February 2024, PARCs  Sangetsu Group Creative Hub was established in Hibiya, Tokyo as a hub for creating new value. The activities of highly motivated employees will contribute to the creation of new value, the sustainable growth of the Sangetsu Group, and the realization of a sustainable society. As for involvement in the local community, in addition to continuing to promote improvements in living environments at orphanages, which is at the center of our social participation activities, we will continue providing support to social organizations that provide relief and support to children in need.
We are working to reinforce our corporate governance through transparent, speedy, and efficient management. Four of the seven members of the Board of Directors who are also Audit and Supervisory Committee Members (a majority), are outside directors who use their respective expertise to help improve the effectiveness of the Board of Directors.
In this way, we hope to maintain a sound system of governance that keeps us from falling into complacency, by developing and strengthening systems for incorporating external perspectives.

Meanwhile, the Group started a project that brought together Sangetsu Group employees who volunteered to review and spread our Corporate Philosophy in December 2022. Their efforts led to the unveiling our new Corporate Philosophy in January 2024. We think that each employee should try to individually think about the future vision of the Sangetsu Group, including solutions for social problems, and discuss with each other, determine the direction we should take, and then take action. This will lead to the sublimation of an even more substantial Corporate Philosophy and create social value.
I believe that valuing each and every employee, increasing their motivation, bringing out their abilities and strengths, and having everyone strive toward a single correct and strong vector are the basic prerequisites for a company to improve and become stronger.
Going forward, we aim to realize a sustainable society by creating a long-term image of growth that includes solutions for social problems from the perspective of sustainability.

Yasumasa Kondo
President and CEO
Sangetsu Corporation