Respect for human rights

Respect for human rights

The Sangetsu Group Human Rights Policy

The Sangetsu Group will expand and increase the value we provide through designing. We will conceptualize, design and propose the interaction of people and space by considering various ways people spend time, live, experience and act. Moreover, we aim to contribute to creating an inclusive, sustainable and enjoyable society. For achieving these goals, strict compliance and business ethics are minimum requirements. As our underlying value, we respect basic human rights, comply with all laws, regulations and international rules, and also respect their spirits. We also cherish an attitude to making efforts towards a sustainable development with a good social conscience.

1. The Significance of the Policy

Since our inception, the Sangetsu Group has placed the Company Creed “Sincerity” as our rules and principles. To contribute to our society and give joy to people, we carry out our businesses with a caring heart, or Sincerity. The Sangetsu Group Human Rights Policy outlines the Sangetsu Group’s stance and accountability regarding respect for human rights. This policy precedes other documents setting out our measures for human rights protection, such as the Sangetsu Group Corporate Ethics Charter and the Sangetsu Group Compliance Code of Conduct. This human rights policy applies to all officers and employees of the Sangetsu Group (Sangetsu Corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries) and thus is reflected in the Sangetsu Group’s business activities.

2. Compliance Regarding Human Rights

The Sangetsu Group supports and respects the norms stipulated in the United Nations “Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights” and “International Bill of Human Rights*1” as well as the ILO (International Labour Organization) “Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work*2.”

3. Accountability for Respecting Human Rights

The Sangetsu Group does not infringe the human rights of our stakeholders with an underlying thought of respect for basic human rights, and will take proper corrective actions if a negative impact occurs through our business activities, thereby fulfilling our accountability for respecting human rights.

4. Human Rights Due Diligence

The Sangetsu Group will strive to identify, avoid and alleviate negative impacts on human rights by continuously implementing human rights due diligence*3 on our business activities to fulfill our accountability for respecting human rights.

5. Education and Training

In our business activities, the Sangetsu Group understands the Sangetsu Group Human Rights Policy and offers proper education and training to carry out this policy effectively.

6. Dialogue with Stakeholders

With regard to negative impacts on human rights, the Sangetsu Group engages in continuous dialogues and discussions with the stakeholders concerned while taking experts’ opinions into account.

7. Correction

If our business activities incur negative impacts on human rights or are proved to have encouraged negative impacts, the Sangetsu Group will engage in its relief by taking proper measures in line with international standards.

8. Disclosure and Reporting

The Sangetsu Group properly discloses and reports the progress of our efforts on respecting human rights through our websites and other means.

Key Goals

Strengthening Safety, Hygiene and Employee Health in the Workplace

Stating our policy “for employees to work enthusiastically,” the Sangetsu Group respects employees’ diversity, personality and individuality. Moreover, we not only operate our human resource systems properly for each and every employee to fulfill their full capabilities as the main character of corporate management, but also secure a safe, healthy and comfortable workplace.

Pion rohibition of Discriminat and Harassment

With the understanding and support of all members, the Sangetsu Group engages in creating an open workplace where we never conduct any harassment and do not allow for harassment to occur. Furthermore, we set up a consultation desk including helplines and do not turn a blind eye to harassment.

Improvement of Diversity

Regardless of gender, age, nationality, race, religion, disabilities, gender identity, sexual orientation and other characteristics, the Sangetsu Group utilizes the individuality of each employee as a source of diversity, and promotes cultivating a culture of continuous challenge and innovation with enriching those systems.

Appropriate Management of Employee Salaries and Working Hours

The Sangetsu Group manages working hours and pays salaries appropriately. Moreover, we propose flexible work styles and further improve and strengthen our labor management to secure its achievement.

Work-life Balance Maintenance

The Sangetsu Group understands the significance of work-life balance and creates “a fulfilling workplace” where each and every employee can make a try.

Ensuring Proper Handling of Personal Information

The Sangetsu Group correctly handles personal information in compliance with laws regarding the protection of personal information.

Shosuke Yasuda
Representative Director, President and CEO

*1 “International Bill of Human Rights” is a general name for the three documents: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights; and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.
*2 “Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work” proclaims “Freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining,” “Elimination of all forms of forced or compulsory labour,” “Effective abolition of child labour” and “Elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.”
*3 “Human Rights Due Diligence” refers to a continuous process deployed to preventively grasp, avoid and alleviate negative impacts on human rights that the company may incur to the society.