CEO message

CEO message

Carrying on the Basic Policies of Change and Growth and Continuing to Take On New Challenges

Please let me first share my sincere thanks for your ongoing support of the Sangetsu Group.

My name is Yasumasa Kondo and I have recently assumed the position of President and CEO of Sangetsu Corporation. In taking over the baton from Shosuke Yasuda, who has been in charge of management for ten years since 2014, I believe that the mission I must fulfill is to carry on the basic policies and strategies of change and growth, continue to take on new challenges to realize further growth, and increase the corporate value of the Group as a whole.

At first, we will steadily implement each of the measures in the Medium-term Business Plan [BX 2025] and work to transform into a Space Creation Company. In addition, by mobilizing the capital and human resources of the entire Group, which we have been enhancing to date, and expanding them further, we will create both economic and social value, aiming for sustainable growth and enhancement of corporate value over the medium to long term.
Medium-term Business Plan [BX 2025], which is currently being implemented, positions this period as our “three years to prepare for the next leap forward.” We will drastically enhance human capital and digital capital, which are the cornerstones for achieving change, growth, and challenges, and strengthen plus expand solution functions in order to transform into a Space Creation Company that possesses strong profitability and growth potential. Furthermore, we will also consider the potential of the Space Operation Business as future expansion beyond that, and consider the challenge of new business with an eye to industry restructuring and the birth of new businesses.

Specific measures to strengthen our solution functions in the three segments are as follows.

  1. We will further strengthen and expand strategic products and increase the potential of our functions such as spatial design proposals, logistics, and construction in the Domestic Interior Segment, which is a stable earnings base.
  2. As an area of expansion, we will advance the geographical and scale expansion and sophistication of the Domestic Exterior Segment, and strengthen the Group’s comprehensive capabilities in the interior and exterior businesses as Group strengths.
  3. As part of regional expansion, we will further enhance profitability in the Overseas Segment while working to transform our business with a focus on the same space creation business model that we implement in Japan.

Human capital serves as the root of the change, growth, and challenges that we are pursuing and the implementation of related measures. We will place the highest priority on investments in human resource development and strengthening, including improving the motivation and abilities of employees, creating a comfortable and open work environment, and expanding the recruitment of career personnel with expertise in a wide range of fields. I believe that the most important thing for increasing corporate value is people and their diverse values, high motivation, and use of their abilities to push forward in one single direction.
To support this, PARCs  Sangetsu Group Creative Hub (henceforth called PARCs) was established in Hibiya, Tokyo in March 2024 as a hub for creating new value. By integrating various functions related to the Group’s space creation, we will foster an openness for creation and diverse challenges, and also develop and expand new businesses as opportunities for co-creation with partner companies and other external parties. In addition, under PARCs, we will promote initiatives that lead to the well-being of working employees and visitors, and expand these measures throughout the Group.

I would like to thank all of our shareholders and investors, and ask for their continued support.

Yasumasa Kondo
President and CEO
Sangetsu Corporation

Please refer to the links below for more information about the Sangetsu Group Long-term Vision and Medium-term Business Plan.